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I Purchased the game two days prior to launch and had it downloaded and installed on the 14th. It had asked me for a game key but I was never given one and when I try to log in at the main menu and I enter my correct username and password my login bar still won't work as it will not highlight or anything. I'm wondering if this is due to not having the game key information and if so how do I fix this problem? I'm also aware of the server being down but I tried it again after the server was said to be back up and still nothing...
I would of thought they would've sent through e-mail but I never saw anything for it
Nevermind I figured it out. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. I was using my username I made and not my email address. After that the login was activated to click. Try that. The game key for digital download is not needed as it shows as active for you account already.

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