Stuck on Diablo III setup

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I have been stuck on the setup all day.

I have tried everythin people have said to try but nothin has worked.

I am runnin on windows xp 64 bit. I also shut down my firewall and virus protection.
deleted files other then the ones i cannot find for diablo.

Any assistance would be nice.
apparently blizzard doesnt know how to work with 64 bit or acknowledge this is a widespread issue and that they are at least working on it...
same here, the download bar sits at 1SETUP and 5% and isn't making progress toward 2PLAYABLE
The couple times I got past "updating setup files" another install problem would appear. Last night I was able to smoothly install, but the game hung on character creation so I had to end task. Every time I tried to launch the game I would get and error, so I attempted to reinstall, biiiig mistake. Now I can't get past installing. One day we will get to play the game. At least Blizzard made there millions of dollars with Diablo 3 game sales.
I've gotten to 12%. I started at 4pm Central time. It's 7:30pm now.

I should have just bought the retail cd instead. What a bunch of crap LOL
Found this fix from another thread which worked for me!:


I am getting the same thing, 25kb download speed. Its like 1% done after an hour. At least it will be ready by the weekend?

The fix for the slow D/L speed is in your internet browser

google chrome: click the wrench below the X that closes the window > settings > under the hood > (next to network) change proxy settings> connection tab > LAN SETTINGS > uncheck automatically detect settings.

internet explorer: tools > internet options > connection tab > LAN SETTINGS > uncheck automatically detect settings

Your download speed will be around 1mb/sec +
retail CD doesnt do crap, it is the EXACT same thing as the digital download, only you get music when you are (not) downloading on the CD. i have tried everything i have seen posted on here and cant get past 0%-1%

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