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On the install screen, it stays at 0%. It said I'm under minimum requirements on processor, was hoping it would still install. Anyone else have this issue
same here no luck i stopped it and intalled again and was at 1% but it hasnt moved in like 30 minutes..
beautiful...wonder if its because of battlenet....gonna leave it on tonight and see what happens...if you discover anything please msg me.
i only have a single core i dont think this @%$@%@% is gonna install anymore
I had the same issue with the beta and it still installed and I played it. But now on the retail version, I have the same problem. The disc and the download client won't install, just sits at 0%.
Yeah , same here. I got the 1 year thing and I can't even instal the game client. Hell I couldn't even instal the game client for the WoW beta with the monk panda bears. the green bar would always just move up some at first and then nothing. I even let it sit all night long and woke up the next morning and the green download bar was in the same place.
same problem
same issue, installed fine on beta and even played fine. atleast i can see the game is attempting to install. im happy enough for now. thank you blizzard for your hard work. this i can deal with. before not even getting to install screen was just aggravating. these are normal issues that was not.
still at 1% what did you do to get it passed it?
try to enable P2P download.
run the setup in compatibility ?

Try this. worked for me.


I am getting the same thing, 25kb download speed. Its like 1% done after an hour. At least it will be ready by the weekend?

The fix for the slow D/L speed is in your internet browser

google chrome: click the wrench below the X that closes the window > settings > under the hood > (next to network) change proxy settings> connection tab > LAN SETTINGS > uncheck automatically detect settings.

internet explorer: tools > internet options > connection tab > LAN SETTINGS > uncheck automatically detect settings

Your download speed will be around 1mb/sec +
hiSaZul, what is sp3? Pretend im not software savy

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