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Same issue, playing on Euro servers.
Same issue on americas server
Can we get an update from Blizzard on this issue? I have done the same areas 5 times now and it's getting a bit tedious.
same here, getting really pissed about this, always randomly removed from the game, but my friends are all fine
Same here.
As soon as I speak to the 1st guy that gives a quest, it kicks me out of the game with the "please ensuire your party members etc." message.

Paying for a game that doesn't even work !?
Wake the f*ck up and hire competent people, Blizzard.
I've been having the same issue since launch. I never had this in the stress test. I get kicked withing 1-40 minutes. No error, just you were removed from the game.

One thing I did not was in the background was upgrade now, play to lvl 60, play nightmare mode felt like Bnet thought my key was a Guest pass and was kicking me..just a theory.
Having the same problem, just happened a few minutes ago.. I was hoping that the maintenance would fix this problem but apparently not. I have been doing searches and it seems that Blizzard has not even recognized this issue and have been dealing more with license and login issues.

I was in a group game last night and I was the only one getting randomly disconnected and had to re-login several times. It is getting quite annoying.
this is bs i can run wow just fine but d3 is stressing me out, you figure after the work they put into WoW that diablo would b flawless but its not im very dissapointed and unsatisfied with my play xp with d3
samething happening to me :( can't even play a proper game
same here damn it
me too
Same issue with win 7
Same thing windows 7. I even opened the ports on the router no change.
yeah,also having the same issue,America Servers Windows 7 every 5 minutes i get removed from the game,and im playing alone i urge blizzard to please see into this problem since im obviously not the only one suffering from it
same issue - it is crazy annoying!
and not a single !@#$ was given by blizzard that day. unfortunetaly it ruins the thrill that we all have to play asap.
Same thing here

Seriously, I get the same run around from comcast when i get the guy in India that the only English he can speak is the canned stuff he can ask and respond to.

Now that I may actually have a competent employee paying attention, error 3007 only occurs when I'm playing single player, it never occurs in co-op. Although the game crashes after 30 or so minutes of play in co-op.......

If that is the case, HOW CAN IT BE ON MY END?! Really think about that before you respond. Thanks to any blue who actually takes the time to read and respond intelligently to this one.

And since I'm sure you will ask-

Hard line
no firewall
no av software
No router
cable modem- westell model 7500

I don't have any issues with wow or sc2 where I get disconnected but can still play, as some other blue has suggested.
Same issue here as well.. Once kicked out and not able to play again until exit the game.. But once exit, my character has been reset!! Frustrating!!
I usually don't complain to much on forums but I think it's time to start.

Same problem as everyone else in this thread, though times vary I haven't seen a correlation between time and the "you have been removed from the game" error.
The real frustrating part of the error is the character reset, i've done the same quest in ACT 3 5 times. To add to the horror I've started playing the game in panic mode, skipping all of the cut scenes and exploration so I could spend a little more time in the game before it crashes, which sucks considering I like my first play thru to be an enjoyable new experience, not a hurry before you get an error game.
To doubly add to the frustration I have yet to see a blue post with something so simple as "We've heard you, thank you for your input".

All that being said, I am sure Blizzard is working on a fix since this is a pretty common issue, but common Blizz take a few more minutes to copy and paste a resonse into some posts so we feel like were getting some feedback.

I will say this though! Blizzard you have outdone yourself, Diablo 3 is amazingly addictive, and exponentially fun. Great job making the game, keep up the great work!

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