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im having the same problem. usually its pretty random, but now i get DC everytime i kill diablo. he's f*cking hard to kill, and i get kicked out during the final dialog. this has happend three times now. when i reconnect i have to kill him again! pretty pissed off :(
Yes! Same issue here. Please get this sorted out. I am continually getting "removed from game" and it is really annoying. I don't even have my firewall turned on. So what else can it be? Bliz you there? I did submit a help ticket this morning so hopefully I get some info soon.
I'm dealing with the same thing. Yesterday I was playing with a group of 3 and today I can't stay logged in for longer than a few minutes. It's basically unplayable. Hopefully we can get a fix for this soon!
Where's the patience people? lol
Ok don't get me wrong i agree it's very frustrating that we all can't enjoy the game right off the bat but you had to know with the amount of people playing even Blizzard wouldn't be able to survive without some issues. It WILL be fixed. We just have to wait. Pain? Yes but take this time to go outside and see the real world instead of reposting how much of a fail this game is.

It's pretty sad imo. As for Diablo being too casual well guess what? The majority of people who bought the game prefer it that way. That's why it is so casual.
Same as Warcraft. Why do you think it's so damn easy now to get mounts, lvl and countless other things? Because newbs couldn't handle how hard the game was.

Suck it up people and be happy you have games from Blizz like Warcraft and Diablo and you don't have to go play other games that suck. Don't like my opinion? Too bad meet me for a duel.
Yea i'm lvl 58 but in 4 years i'll be lvl 90 then you better watch out.
(4 years because well.... i have a real life too.)

GO BLIZZARD! Hulkdk Smash the haters!
I totally agree with you too and i didn't mean you in my post i just meant the needless posts from some of the others.

Yes a Blue response should've came quickly to atleast tell us they were working on it but i did see something on the Diablo sign in.

I think the game looks great myself and i can't wait until they fix it.
Same issue. Mac OS X Lion.

Mine though seems to only happen at significant events. Skeleton King, Jar of Souls, etc.
IN ADDITION to having the exact same issue as described by many people (removed, party rejoin error, then after about 20 seconds the 3007 error at the character screen kicking you back to the main menu) i have noticed that:::::

the problem isn't consistent. Yesterday it was happening earlier in the day. Did some port forwarding etc to fix, including joining general chat etc etc, worked a treat (coincidentally it seems?), i must've played for hours, even left the character (solo and in a party) logged in and not moving from town while i had dinner, NO disconnection... TODAY however, just logged on, can't get in more than 3 minutes... I changed NOTHING since.

It is very annoying, love the game, looking forward to it working. Have a DIR-632 router, seems to be a pattern with the DIR-605 (??? related?), on WIN7 x64.

From my observations at first it seemed like it was happening during periods of inactivity, but now i notice some lag "spikes" (not my connection, did some tests, running flawlessly:, very unusual... are we being kicked due to a latency thresh-hold?

Dunno, looking forward to a BLUE POST... anything at this point.

(edit- router model, edit2- as just one easy example)
yeah this is really getting annoying... i REALLY want to enjoy this game but i keep getting disconnected from it. WOW plays fine without disconnect, so does everything else. Its just really annoying now.

I cant figure out what is causing it.
I'm getting this too. And it's so tedious to login back to the server also.

I should have guessed this would happen. I'm getting kinda sick of Blizz, paying a great deal of money and having issues like this with the game, without any kind of warning or message about them looking into this.
I have decided that I will no longer spend ANY money on anything Blizzard puts out until I am sure that its not a bug infested piece of crap! I am sure as heck gonna wait on the Mists of Pandora expansion until I know for a fact that all the issues are worked out!
(Its getting old spending 60$ to have a cool desktop icon, and no game to go with it!)

No more Pre-orders for this puppy!
Same issue - mac OSx, lost a lot of progress quite some times now.
Same issue :S Very annoying.
same thing here
Same issue. Playing on a 64 bit vista os. No problems with any other online games. I get disconnected before I have five minutes of play. Unacceptable.
Anyone having this problem,
Join general chat and the problem stops. Or at least it did for me.

Blizzard, thanks for not helping with this issue at makes me regret giving you my money.
Guys the solution was really simple for me . Stay in the general channel when playing. It seems to be just fine when you have joined the general channel . I am playing without dcs for the last 20 minutes ... Perhaps the solution was simpler than we thought . Try that plz I hope it helps you all .

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