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I've found solution to problem,
game stuck on party chat you must join general chat again when u launch game.
It'll solve it. it did it for me.
Ladies and gents, my solution was removing whirlwind. There's a bug in it that prompts the boot. Found it on some other threads
if ( somthing ) {
messageToUser("You have been removed from the game")

WTF is the "something"? :P

btw general chat seems to fix it for me as well
OK... I posted on page 5 that I had the same issue. I also saw the "fix" of join general chat and disable quick join. I did both of these and have to say I was able to play considerably longer. Around 1 1/2 hours before I got the boot. So the fix doesn't work.

Also, I have never been in a 4 person game. The most I have ever had was 3 and most of the time it's me or me and one other person. Anyone else get this when they arfe trying to join a public game?
Exact same problem Here.. Plz Blizzerd - tell us you're on the problem right now
Same here, really annoying
saw blizzard's error page for d3 n they put up the error 3007. didnt see it yesterday. so theyre probably working it right now.
I just posted about this. I have noticed it seems to happen when I am standing still more often than if I am moving. If that helps at all.
I think i´ve got all the errors from 1-100000 now.
Well, after I get "Removed from the game.", I try to resume it and then it says "make sure all party entries are avaible (Error xxxx)" (I don't remember it because im too frustrated).

Well, I've been expecting this game for some years now and I, along with any other player that have purchased the game, have the right to play it.
Joining the general chat fixed it for me. I played the last 5 hours nonstop.

I have a theory. I think the server thinks we are not playing and thus "removes" us from the server. Joining the chat (general) keeps some kind of stable link to the server and we don't get the error.

This game is no WOW mind you. It doesn't need to be connected to a server per see, unless one is playing multiplayer etc. Since, I was only soloing, the server thought I was just there, not doing anything. Even tho I was constantly moving things out of my inventory which should have been enough for the server.

Anyway, it's obviously server sided and they need to fix our client/server to make it work.
yeup. same problem here. unreal.
Same thing. I get five minutes when I'm lucky.
I got "You have been removed from the game." followed by "Please ensure that all party members are not in a game, and no party invites are pending. (Error 316704)" followed by "Lost Connection: There was an error. (Error 3007)". I'm running Windows 7 and I was not in any parties/ no pending party invites. It's anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 minute before I get kicked out.
This error is beginning to get reallllllllly frustrating. It's gotten to the point where i feel lucky if i can play for 10-15 mins without interruption.
Please fix Blizzard :(
Is anyone able to confirm whether or not this is caused by a friend or random player trying to join your current game?
At first I thought it was just me, until I googled it and found this thread and the hundreds of others. The game is currently unplayable for me since I get disconnected in around 2-3 minutes, so it's not even enough time to fight two small battles without disconnecting.
Thanks for the reports on this. We'd like to gather more information on this matter.

1. Please describe what you were going prior to the error happening.
2. How are you connected to the internet? (wireless, ethernet to modem, ethernet to router, USB modem, etc)
3. Where are you connecting from? (home, school, work, college, military, etc)
4. What type of internet do you have (cable, DSL, satellite, cellular, etc)
5. You D3debug.txt file posted on (post the url here).

The D3Debug.txt file is located in /Applications/Diablo III.

***Make sure you remove your email address from the D3debug.txt file prior to posting it on***
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This is small step for me, but big step for humanity. Or something like that...
Same issue here with a mac os x 10.6.8

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