Just got kicked out and can't login

Bug Report
Experiencing error 75

any help?
I got this error as well trying to log in after being disconnected.
Also getting this plus error 3003, connection interrupted? (sometimes) Been playing fine for the last few hours.
same thing just happened to me..:P
same here too.. whats going on?
i give up.. bed time i guess..maybe they will have most these bugs fixed my the time im off work tomorrow.
not to repeat but i am being hindered by the same errors
Same error 3003
same here - can't get back in
I am constantly being kicked out.. this is bull!@#$ blizzard.. takes you a decade, stop %^-*ing around and FIX IT!
Getting error 37 and 3003 alternatively. servers busy and connection interrupted. playing @ a LAN center and others are online but nobody has been able to connect last 10-20 minutes

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