Creating HC DH. Need 3 other dedicated ppl.

Hey guys,

So I wanted to create a semi-serious progression (yes I said progression) group for HC'rs.

I'll be making a demon hunter for HC and I'll be looking for people to duke it out with on a regular basis.

Senjai#1216 - Add me up and let me know! Lets try not to make the same classes? Then we have a greater variety of options available to us.
i started a monk and will be on daily just shoot me a tell and id be happy to party up
I'm willing, gonna need to make a HC character though :)
I'm willing as well. Let me know what your plans are and add me. dannydsan#1440

WD or WIZ.
Add me kai#1848 , I'll play any class except WD,

Whats hours of the day will you be running and are you using a vent type voice chat?

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