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Is anyone else having an issue with their DH not getting any skill damage bonus? I'm level 23 and my DPS is currently 113.62, which is ridiculously low. My gear is by no means bad, and all my friends get skill bonuses and my character doesn't. I'm grouped with a friend who's a DH right now and he gets +20% for skills and I get nothing. We have basically the exact same skills chosen for our two characters. Is this just a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
Oh, and my dex skill is 238
Try moving some items around, and focus on weapons with the top dps, dont worry about rarity, im at level 22 with 142 dps and my dex is at 235, use items like rings that give you an added damage boost, like one of my rings is + 2-4 damage and its better than my other ring which is +15 dex
Yea, I moved some stuff around but I still can't account for the skill bonus. I looked at my friends items, and he didn't have anything that alluded to a skill bonus. Ours were essentially very very similar, but there was nothing on the items to account for the 20% skill bonus.
by 20% skill bonus, do you mean that it increases a stat by 20%? It makes your skills 20% stronger? I'm not really understanding what you're even talkin' about here...
When you look at detailed descriptions of a character's stats, the 2nd item down says "skill bonus to damage" or something like that, and my character's is at 0%. My friend's is at 20%, and he does considerably more damage than me at 1 or 2 levels beneath me. It's kind of confusing
I'm sitting at 251 DEX and my DPS is now 254.74 at level26. It must be your weapon, what is the level for you weapon and what is its DPS? Also do you have any increase damage accesories?
Didnt played beta, how do you check your dps? Thanks
Get +% attack speed, that boosts your dps by a mile. Especially rings have +10% attack speed quite commonly.

You shouldn't really be worrying about the number you see in charactermenu, but rather actually killing the enemies fast. I haven't even checked my dps in a while, and I'm having no problems with doing enough damage.
lvl27, 350dex, 250dps. i have high dps (36 + 32,8) rare socketed 1handed xbows with +42dex and +51dex stats.
no problem in solo or in grp. Bola shot and rapid fire, never out of hatred :)
im using caltrops, vault, pet, marked for death in 1-4. i really love my DH
im lvl 31, and im rocking 699 dps right now ;x.. with a 2hander socketed bow forgot what my dex is at atm
you guys have low dps o.o going into nightmare at lvl 30 i had around 550 dps

now at level 36 i have around 900 something

get items with damage2-4 etc like the rings, rubies etc

they raise your dps TONS

also keep your 1h bows and your 2h bows and alternate with upgrades

that way you sustain highest dps at all times
05/16/2012 03:04 AMPosted by Cosmer
how do you check your dps? Thanks

this is like you asking where your talent points on your WoW char are located

05/16/2012 12:51 AMPosted by darkwavedude
level 23 and my DPS is currently 113.62, which is ridiculously low.

im lvl 17 (154 dps) 201 dexterity, 2.18 APS dual hizzy
they are FAST (base 1.6) rings+amulet+weapon damage * speed = DPS

(on_weapon + off_weapon damage sources includes +elemental) * APS * IAS * stats

check the NPC/merchants for some rings"of wounding" 2-4 damage and make sure you have a pair since they can be worn at lvl 6 and will last you for a while
and also a 2-4 amulet.

check em for better better bow too
a few items on AH for dex, but you seem ok on dex
They key is buying 2-4 damage rings and amulets early game.
As some people said already.

Flat damage increases are by far the best way to increase your dps. +1-2 flat damage is easily worth more than 10x that value in dex.

Another good stat for dps is increased attack speed. even a small value like 5% makes a big difference.

Don't get me wrong, dex is good, but unless you have alot, flat damage increases are usually better.

So when your looking at rings and amulets and stuff, if you see like a +2-4, or a +4-8 blue or something, USE IT, its gonna help ALOT lol.
im level 25, and it was around 4am last time i played so i may have been seeing things, but im pretty sure my DPS is around 300.
Steady Aim - passive


That's why you're friend has that 20% damage thing.

Also, in my experience so far, dual 1h xbows suck. Get a 2h something + quiver.
Steady Aim, archery, cull of the week, rings/amulets with + damage, and rubies on your weapons and you'll be a beast. I'm level 36 in NM with 1030 DPS...just need better gear.

I recommend a bow as well, best all around weapon this early.
Can you post a screenshot with your Inventory + Details window open?

Also, what are your passives?
Wow u guys all have crazy dps.Im lvl 25 slowly exploring the end of act 2 and im pretty sure my dps is also around 130ish but im having no problem whatsoever, in fact im actually running with the enchantress companion due to the fact that i havent really needed a tank apart from a time i got caught by a waller rare with a bunch of vortex champions.
From the top of my head im not sure abaut my healt but last time i checked it was just short of 1.3k healt and like i said im not having trouble with killing or staying alive so far, but im curious of u guys crazzy dps.Maybe u guys are on act 3 already or act 4 so the dps is actually that far ahead? I cant think of any other reason for the difrences to be that big.

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