question about hardcore mode

so, i know you only get one life to play through the game, but my question is, if youdie, can you restart from the beginning with the same character to try again? or do you have to create a whole new character and is the character lost after it dies? thanks for the help
I've not played HC Since D2, but if memory serves you die, you are done. You roll a new Character.
You can submit the character to a personal database - or simply delete the ghost.

After which, you can roll up the same character with the same name if that suits you. But it will be a brand spanking new never played, no items, no EXP character.

You will maintain your stash, gold, achievements, and artisan levels.
okay thank you guys for the answers, also another question, can you transfer a softcore character to hard core or visa versa?
You cannot.

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