Left Click problem in Diablo 3

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When I Left Click, the inventory will pop up
I didnt change anything in keyblinding
"I" in the shortcut key for Inventory

I tried to replace with a new mouse but still have the problem
anyone have the idea how to solve it ?!!!
Do you have any mouse software installed and running? For example, many Logitech mice will include Setpoint software to adjust mouse settings that aren't available in Windows' control panel.
Also, PC or Mac?
Mmm.. you either changed diablo's key bindings unvoluntarily or have some weird mouse setup.

My advice is that you reset diablo's key bindings to default, and check your mouse software.

What mouse are you currently using? I need to know this to give you better advice on how to change the settings.

This reminds me of SC2, where people changed their mouse settings outside the game so they could do certain actions faster with the scroll wheel.
Unbind "C"

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