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I have a very good internet connection, yet while I'm in game, my latency spikes from ~100 to 600-900 consistently. It will be smooth for a minute, then incredibly laggy for a minute. Doesn't matter whether I'm in a group of enemies or my screen is completely empty. There is nothing else connected to my router. I have reset it several times, switched from wireless to wired...nothing seems to work. Is there something I could be overlooking? Maybe a setting on my router?
I also have pretty horrible latency. It was ~400 constant last night.

My latency in WoW is always right around 33.
The Lag is incredibly bad at times. It's not the player it's the servers.
It was running perfectly smooth the other night with minimal issues. The spiking began last night. It runs just fine when I join a game initially, but that doesn't last long. The spiking starts and my latency just keeps going from 100 to around 700 over and over. Really frustrating and unplayable.
The thing is, I was playing with a couple friends with connections far worse than mine and they were just fine...
Exactly the same issue here.

Already have some other posts on world of warcraft forum and here on diablo forum too.

Blizzard, can you answer please ?
ANY feedback would be appreciated. I don't know what else to do.
This has been going on for a while now and i've been reading several posts about people contacting tech support and them saying to try all these troubleshooting tips when it's not our computers!!! How does a whole bunch of people get the same issue at the same time. It's to do with them. I'm no computer smarty but there's people on here that figured it out but it's up to blizzard to fix it. something do to with isp and servers.

Fix this please!!!!!!!!! we're paying to play and we can't even do that. I'm constantly dying playing lowbie toons because of the lag. Can't do dungeons or bg's. Gameplay absolutely sucks!

#@%% FIX IT!!
Having terrible lag spikes.. so bad and my pc is more than capable of running Diablo on 4 times the full graphics. and my net connection is more than fine.

If anyone knows any solutions pls let me know

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