Nightmare difficulty (The Diablo Encounter)

Witch Doctor
I just got to the Diablo encounter on Nightmare Difficuly on my witch doctor and it would seem as if I cant even get him down 10% without him killing me. He simply just hits me too hard. Ive tried with defensive spells and with defensive gear. He just wrecks me in every single situation. Ive been here now trying different tactics for 3 hours and the result always seems to be the same. My sorcerer friend has the same problem as the boss just hits him too hard. My barbarian and monk friends however aced it! I dont understand! How are we supposed to manage this? I cant bring followers either as they get trapped on my way up to Diablo.
What build are you running? try running something like this maybe?!bWV!baZZZZ
You can replace Big Bad voodo with dogs if you need to
Ill try this :> He murders my garg though D: Also if I get to the spirit phase my ghosts bears just like annihilate me and who ever I might get to help me <_<
You can swap spells out in between the 2 phases for what you need.

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