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Witch Doctor
this is the achievement where you have to kill 10 enemies with 1 sacrifice. I have done this twice now and did not receive the achievement is this happening for anyone else?
How many dogs do you have out? Im not sure if thats the issue, but since Sacrifice booms all your dogs at once, it might count that as "4 sacrifices" and therefore does not give you the achievement. Just a theory
I'm having issues with that too. I know I killed more than 10 because I go that 15+ Mighty Blow thing. Hrm..
And I have 3 dogs out.
Also have the same issue. And have gotten over 10 in a few tries... Always had more than one dog out.
I killed 16 enemies with the sacrifice of a single dog, after dismissing them down to 1.

No achievement.

Edit: Looks like it doesn't trigger with dogs spawned. After summoning one and dismissing the rest, I got it, but with those spawned with the first passive skill, it didn't trigger.
Check to make sure you don't have any items with something like...

"Slain enemies rest in pieces" because the crit dmg that is produced by that proc overwrites the kb from the sacrifice. As soon as I removed my Last Breath I got the achievement.

I tested it by summoning and dismissing all but one dog, and going to A4 Normal quest Fall of the High Heavens to fight Iskatu where he summons a ton of adds, just wait for them to cluster up nicely and it should work for you.

Not sure if the amount of dogs out makes a difference since I tested it with one.
Looks like it's just buggy. I just did it after getting 2 call outs of over 10 for sacrifice. The third time was the charm. Arreat crater level 2, buncha scorpions, call out for was around 20 if I recall. I had 4 dogs at the time.
Just been trying to get this in the entrance to leorics manor first time (despite 20 odd kills) nothing second time got it fine (didn't notice how many kills i got though) must be just buggy,
Just +1 to this thread, was also struggling with this achievement for some time, tried with and without runes and on different locations - no luck.
Got the achievement after I removed runes from both Sacrifice and Summon Zombie Dogs skills AND removed all passives affecting minions. Not sure if passives were bugging it or I just finally got lucky. Got it in Act I, Fields of Misery, WD 67 lvl.
I killed 10 plus mobs a few times before I got the achieve, didn't change anything and then got it. I had 5 dogs out so I don't think that matters, I just think it is buggy.

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