Anyone feel wd's summons are underwhelming?

Witch Doctor
I've been using firebomb (flash fire), Grasp of death (groping eels), Spirit Walk (honored guest), Soul Harvest, (swallow your soul) Acid Cloud (acid rain), and Gargantuan(restless giant).

I'm level 37 and seem to be breezing through nm by using either soul harvest or spirit walk into soul harvest to initiate and spamming acid cloud and firebomb and reusing soul harvest and spirit walk to sustain mana.

My weapon has a flawless amytheist and I use the templar with heals to sustain health. The aoe + amytheist seems to keep me topped off and most minions fall pretty quickly. My only gripe is that the gargantuan seems fairly useless and the dogs even more so.

Anyone noticing similar success with a similar build and noticing similar failure in relying on summons?

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