Commodity auction not properly showing gems

Bug Report
The gem commodity shop is supposed to search for the lowest costing gem out of the pool of gems and display it when players search for that gem. In my case, I have a perfect square ruby up for sale but if searched for, none can be found.
I have one of same item for sale...since yesterday afternoon. Auction search shows 1 item avaialble at 0 price 0 buyout and purchase button is unavailable.
that's the least of the commodity market's problems..."hey i didn't expect to pay 548 gold of those 3 gems that were 34 gold"...or "what are these refunds about?!?"...and my fave "ok the auction failed but you still took my gold and are holding on to it, for some reason"

there's also the inability to be able to sell any radiant ruby and topaz items no matter what price i set
I also can't see or sell gems properly.
cant find gems in AH. something wrong?
thanks buddy

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