I'm not trying to QQ or anything, but what the hell am i supposed to do as a Barbarian against these types of mobs that have all 3 enchants? I eventually kill them but I die around 6-8 times before I do so, and I have to wait for my CD's to kick in. By the time I wait they are also regenerating their life back. I'm only in Hell and I don't even want to think about Inferno. I love this class but its frustrating seeing a DH/WZ being able to take these mobs out with little problem. Am i literally supposed to run around until I got my CD's up? Hopefully we wreck in PVP.
Some combinations of enemies and their powers vs your class sometimes can be so retarded (i'm swearing massively at you right now Blizzard, with alot of £$%^£& in between the lines) that is beyond imagining.

Just witnessed first hand, i'm on nightmare and just saw my first impossible trio - 3 swarms with molten/shield right at the entrance of where I spawn. I mean they just literally 2 shot me right as I appear in Sewers of Caldeum, note both the ladder and Waypoint at the beginning are just 10 yards away - confined space, nowhere to run, impossible to proceed, even if I kite them arround they still catch up with me and 2 shot me. After trying our about 15 different combinations/possibilities on how to tackle them, my rez timer became stupidly annoying. I didn't until now encountered a pack like this.

Was playing Monk lvl 40 at that time.

My suggestion to you - if you can't beat a pack after about 6 tries, log out and log in - map and mobs will change in your favor (hopefully).

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Here's a spec you might try out:!fbe!aZaZab

It's what I use, but I've modified it for your level (I'm 60 in Inferno).

The basic strategy is to kite and use weapon throw--with the No Escape passive you should be able to keep a good amount of fury going. When you do run out of fury, you can run in and stun with ground stomp and get off a couple of swings of Frenzy (or Cleave, if you prefer). The most important factor about Weapon Throw, though, is that it snares the targets by 60%, and with the run Ricochet, it will hit and snare 3 targets--which is usually the amount of mobs you'll be dealing with.

I prefer to save Leap for when I'm trouble and need to get out in a hurry. That in combination with Ground Stomp and the snare from Weapon Throw you should be able to kite efficiently enough. I myself still encounter certain elites that I just can't handle and I simply have to avoid them or try a new location if that's not possible.

Stats you'll want to stack are Vitality (for the Nerves of Steel passive) and strength, obviously. All resistances is very nice as well, if you can find the gear.

Good luck.
You have to be very careful with that specific combination. Try using ancient spear to pull one away from the rest of the group and lead it away and fight it alone, then repeat for the rest. Arcane is a pain, but easy to avoid if there is only one sentry. Likewise, Molten is also much easier to deal with if there aren't several guys running around you with it.

Another thing; move the hotkey for forced stand to space so its easier to hold down, and when fighting a molten enemy hold down space so if it runs away you don't automatically run forward right onto it's trail.
avoid damage pools, avoid sentries, wait for shield to go down (long cd)

ive faced that exact setup, its not that hard. what frustrated me was molten/arcane/ 18 wasps on screen, flying baby wasps, molent zones and sentries EVERYWHERE....was freaking out lol
over gear the content

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