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On WoW I can run WoW from the wow application directly without having to start the launcher. Is this possible for D3. Each time I try it kick starts the launcher. I see 2 files in the D3 folder one is the Diablo application file and the other is the launcher. How do I start the game without using the launcher?
i wonna know this too.
Does any1 have any clue cos i use proxies to connect to the game and this lil annoyance forces me to play with high lag. It would be good if this game can start like WoW without the annoyance of frequently checking for updates
Got same question here, I need this option to run game without launcher for my Game Prelauncher programm to make my game works more "smoothly".
Game Currently stuck on Updating Tool (0%)
Hrm, im curious about this as well. This was never answered.

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