Any Soul Ripper champion pack strategy?

These !@#$ers are impossible for a solo wizard.
Lvl 60,
3489 armor (with energy armor on)
5400 dps,
26k vitality

They kick my %^- on Hell difficulty. Have no problems with any other champs, but these ones are way overpowered.

How do you wizards handle them?
They are just one of those mobs that are a big !@#$ you to squishy ranged classes. Hulking Phasebeasts are in the same category. And pretty much any other mob that super fast or has a gap closer. I'm currently in inferno and if I come across a pack of those I just equip teleport, mirror image, etc and start running for the next area/portal.
Run past, or reroll the area for a better combination of elites.
drop disintegrate
take arcane orb

spam it while running away

get poison hydra instead
level 60 inferno here, and i hate these !@#$ers so much. one strat that has kinda worked (though through many deaths) is that i wait for them to wall me in, pop venom hydra + diamond skin and spam arcane orb into them. since they are inside with me poison does insane damage, and if i die usually i can take a significant chunk of their hp along with me (if not kill one or two). then revive and repeat.
running past them isn't an option, I'm gold farming and need the valor buff.
I'm talking about killing them. That's the kind of strat I need.
Simple solution that worked for me:

Grind Azmodan in Nightmare until I could afford 43,000 hp and 200+ in all resists.

Go back to Hell. All of a sudden I die a lot less.

Grind for a bit, it'll make everything easier.
How does grinding Azmodan give you gold oO?
You dps is painfully low for a lvl 60. Go to the ah and drop 40k on a 500 dps wep. Prolly double your wep damage.
I tried, Jal, 500dps weps just don't come at a 40k price, at least not on Europe server. They're > 200k if I recall.
That's why I'm gold farming in the first place, to buy a decent weapon.

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