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Hey Blizzard. I want my stuff back. I have no reason to believe that my computer is compromised, and I have lost all gear on two characters. Getting pretty annoyed. Fix your servers or compensate your players who have suffered.
I have installed D3 onto another computer. Logged into my account and all items on the character and all items in the stash have vanished. Items are kept client side? That would not make sense.
I lost of my items during an update on Thu, May 24th -- except for blacksmith pages and mushroom.. this is kind of messed up. what am i supposed to do????
I just lost 140K gold...This is patheticcc!
05/24/2012 04:55 PMPosted by HunterFX
I lost of my items during an update on Thu, May 24th -- except for blacksmith pages and mushroom.. this is kind of messed up. what am i supposed to do????

Me two, I really wish Blizz would address this in a post instead of just blaming players for having their account hacked. I really doubt half of these issues are even hacks and instead are a serialization issue.
when i logged in this morning i found that my level 50 monk whom i had played last was completely naked and without anything at all in inventory as well as 0 gold... now i may be luckier than some of you because oddly enough my stash and other characters are completely untouched now considering how my stash was 2 tabs absolutely full of rare items that to me is proof enough that this isn't widespread hacking but instead some sort of bug on their side. a friend of mine as well as one of his friends have also experienced this.
I didn't think it'd happen to me, but I lost all my stuff too! As long as I can get it back, I don't really mind waiting...
Been waiting two days to get my stuff back, and haven't even gotten a response to my ticket yet.
this is where your items went.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iQoOMJ9n8k&feature=related
my items disappeared after the update as well but i didnt do the update till may 26th as i was busy at work. when the update finished and i logged in all my items gold and stash was gone except mushroom and potions. this is totally BS i cant get a response from blizzard to rollback my characters. alot of people from what i hear have lost all there items stash and gold after the update. there had to of been some sort of security breach somehow. i wouldnt be so pissed off about it had i not have tons of rare armors as wekk as weapons, lets just say i wanted to play all weekend my only time to play because of work and now i cant because blizzard taking there sweat old time rolling back the characters. they even have telephone support 7 days a week. i tried calling about 25 times in the past 2 days and guess what? not a single time did i get through all it kept saying is phone line ques are full try again later BEEP!!! lets just say im not impressed at all, im more disappointed then anything over how long this is taking to recieve a response to my issue!!!
It has happened to me too.

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