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When the game was first released and servers weren't able to stay stable for very long, every time servers would go down you would lose a majority of your achievements. I was wondering if Blizzard has any plans to fix this or grant achievements to players that had lost these achievements. For example I have Level 10 Jeweler achievement but not the achievement for Leveling the Jeweler or even obtaining him.
I am wondering this also

It already sucks that our achievements don't have the proper dates on them for the ones we were able to get again (apparently I beat Nightmare several days before Normal - go figure) but there are also ones we can not get again such as the mentioned artisan level achievements.
I got the same problem with my blacksmith. Also, I didn't get any achiev for teaching him recipes, although he is a crafting grand master stuff already.
got the same problem with the Blacksmith levelling achievment and now my blacksmith is level 10. I try to levellengi it with more character until reach 10 but nothing to do. achievment remain unlocked.

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