error 316612 and error 316009

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was playing on hard mode when i got dc'ed, then error 316612 code came up. when i try to log back in i get error 316009, and i am not able to log back in? please fix this, thanks.
Able to log in but hero died..... when a person gets disconnected like i did and others i don't believe there hero should automatically die. Blizzard please fix this.
Just happened to me too just wasted my whole day off.
Join the club, man.
just happened to me and when I searched I found this thread. What a waste of time. Needless to say, I won't be playing HC characters anymore if one dropped connection kills the hero. This sucks.
Awesome! I have this error now too!

... and my character is DEAD!
I don't just want them to fix it. I want my character back that I didn't deserve to lose. I paid for this game.. Supporting blizzard. So I can have 24+ hours completely wasted and a character taken from me. This customer service is horrible on top of that. No help is received for these problems and so many are experiencing this. Why in the hell would I play this or shrug off a random 316612 error to make a new guy, start over, get lvl 40-60 while not even moving, get this message and lose everything for no reason. AGAIN.
Needless to say I won't be playing anymore or possibly ever again unless they fix this, or help some of the people that had their characters taken from them because of this error. Wonderful work blizzard.
anyone still getting these errors? i just lost a HC character because i got disconnected then got this error, couldn't connect, logged out, back in, then found out he was dead. i wish blizzard could fix this. it's quite a bummer. reason to never play hc again.
THX so MUCH Blizz... Disconnet and KILL my Crusader. CG ........
Got one tonight after the 2.2 patch... lost a 230 hr Sader... symptoms: you experience latency (had red bar in GR 41); spammed keys for 10 secs. Then, health dropped with no visible monsters around; Disconnected dialog box displays, and it looks like I'm gonna survive. Transitions to menu; clan msg displays Sader is dead; can't start game although button displays; can't archive char, or delete from character menu... lost 100 hr Sader to exception application throws while in Ruins of Corvus... no analysis of d3 dump... so, whatever...
This has been happening to me over and over.
Thankfully it happens before I can even reach level 20, so I'm not losing characters I'm super attached to. But it's still very discouraging.

I wonder if Blizzard could have a latency detector, and if a hardcore character reaches a certain latency in a private single-player game, the game will automatically pause until the connection resumes to normal.
I've gotten very good at doing this manually, but it only takes a second for everything to go wrong.
Yeah... error code 316612, level 67 seasonal HC character.... playing and then disconnected and character deemed dead.... not cool Blizzard I was skyping with my friend, phone call never cut out, so i know i had a solid connection. Blizzard, its not me... its you.
I have a perfect network connection and twice now while playing a hardcore character I have been killed off through disconnection in solo mode!!
error code 316612, seasonal HC character...
After killing elite pack only 1 or 2 white monters were around when suddenly
Internet as usually is fine...

bye bye ancient gear and legendary gems =(

How can i fix it next time?
Reviving the thread: got the 316612 today, was playing with a friend who protected my char before death but when I came back from disconnection - dead.

Hardcore should have some ways of protecting players from lag.
Pretty !@#$ed up that my character dies because of some stupid %^-* thats only happening in the hardcore runs. I play my normals and its fine (no lag) i play my HC seasonal and die because of lag. This is really !@#$ty blizzard...

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