Hey, I'm a barb player, currently with a level 60 barb and enjoying early inferno. I was thinking about making a wizard second, but I tried it and I don't enjoy ranged classes much, it seems. Wizard with range-less spectral blades also seems to not be highly recommended. I noticed how squishy the ranged classes are.

So, now, I am thinking about making a monk. Because my barb uses a 2-hander (polearm), and it's not nearly as bad as people ranting on the barb forums make it seem, I would like my monk to use a daibo at the end of the game. I know, defense, inferno mobs kill you in 2 hits, yada yada...I don't care. People said that about 2-hander barbs, but I'm making it work.

Is anyone currently finding success while using a daibo? If so, specifics? Skill builds so I can figure out the monk's foundation? Reasoning? What stats should I look for when choosing my daibo?
I used a staff for awhile in hell, you are gonna want attack speed on as much stuff as you can find, but your abilities will hit pretty hard.


This is the build I've been using throughout hell. You can switch to whatever damage move you'd prefer over the pillar, I've changed different times to exploding palm, seven sided strike with the exploding rune, etc. All have been effective. I'm pry gonna switch back to SSS anyway because that short invulnerability time can be helpful if timed right to avoid a freeze or something if serenity is on cooldown. Sweeping wind is decent for keeping up resolve on everything too.

Tempest rush is for getting out of bad situations quickly, I'm partial to the teleport rune on fists of thunder for the mobility and faster attack speed than the other generators. Keep up the breath of heaven buff and use it for keeping your health up. Serenity for those scary moments and to break out of stuns or freezes. You can spam your mantra for a little extra damage and some heals through transcendence also.

You may want to use a different mantra if you have survivability issues, the evasion one with the explode on dodge is pretty nice with a high damage weapon.
Sounds good! Thanks for the info. What is the DPS of your daibo? If life steal any good or should I look for other stats beside dex, damage, socket, and attack speed?
Bump. Any more info and additional opinions would be appreciated!

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