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Greetings fellow Diablo players. All day I been having problems since I bought the game at retail store during midnight launch. Got home and loaded the disc and was stuck for few hours in the updating statues file. Took a nap and woke up and found that it was on the launcher part. I press played and it took a couple hours to passed that part to get into the username and password screen. Finally I got through and into the game and played a character. Than I log off to take a break and now I am back to the same issue. I am stuck during the launching screen after I press the play button. Is anyone else had the same issue? Curious...if so any fixes out there? Share link if so. I look around the forums and notice alot of issue and I so confuse which one I should look at for this problem issue. Thanks for your time. Hopefully by the end of the week everyone is back to normal and not getting frustrated due to launch week. :)
I am having this issue, not really sure whats up. There's a couple other threads with a lot of posts about the same thing, so you are definitely not alone.

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