PC autorestart after 5-20 mins . check infos

Technical Support
Intel core 2 duo E4700 @ 2.6 GHz
2 GB or RAM
Graphic card Nvidia Ge force 9600 Gt 512 Mb.

ALL graphics and shadow at low and OFF . fps at 50 . low resulution and my PC keeps restarting by itself after 10 mins of playing ,
i checked temperatures and its fine . i also putted a table fan to cool the PC .
I also cleaned the dust from mother board , graphic card and all the fans .
I also closed all the other programs running .
i tryed windoes mode , full screen mode , everything and it still restarting me after 5 - 20 mins ....
i get a black screen thats says NO SIGNAL anf the pc dies ....
PLZ someone from blizard help me ? i saw more ppl got the same problem .

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