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I have an HP Pavillion with a AMD Athlon (tm) II X2 250. Will upgrading the video card be enough?
Yes, but you have an HP. What you can upgrade to will be severely limited.
Thanks Kal . So option 1, get a a new video card for the HP and play will be adequate for single player I'm assuming. Any recommendations?

option II, upgrade to a new computer that can handle the game with ease even though I know I will never play another game besides DIII or go beyond single player mode.
This depends on this:

Is your case a standard fat mid-tower, or slim case?

What power supply does it have?
You have a very restricted choices due to having a slim computer, and it's automatically assumed you also have an atrocious power supply.

Because of this, I recommend Option II, unless you absolutely can't wait for a new computer.
After further research I beleive it's impossible to get the slim to work.

Primary issue: video card
Secondary issue: power supply
Tertiary issue: It's not designed to be upgraded. It would be like trying to fit a V8 in a Miata.
Well, if you really wanted to, you can get a "better graphics card"...

Low-profile, Radeon HD 6500 series should be OK.

Like this one:
Thanks for the guidance Kal. For a while it look like D3 was out for the count and I thought my gaming days were over. I'll splurge though, I've been playing it since PS1.
For an HP slimline power ugrade I found a couple of feasible options here:

Model: KDM-MTFX9320 ($50)
Output Power:320W


Model:KDM-MTFX9400-80+ ($90)
(80PLUS Bronze Certification)
Output Power:400W
FYI: it's smaller in dimensions than the 320W so I'm leaning towards this route for $40.

Still debating on the graphics card. If there is anything else I need to consider I'd appreciate the advice. I know I'm not the only one dealing with this issue so I hope this helps.
It would be a whole lot better if you bought a good mid-tower ATX case, then dump all your HP components inside of it, but that requires you to have good knowledge (as well as googling skills) of how to disassemble the entire computer, then put it back together.

If not, even if you got a better power supply, your case size itself limits you only to a weak graphics card. It would be a lot better idea to just save up for a new computer.
Happy with the slim, it served it's purpose but you are right, you can tweak it to run games but it will be a rough ride. I'm going to scrap the idea and get something that can play the game the way it's suppose to be played.

Thanks again Kal for all the useful info and for not waylaying me.

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