Why use zombie chargers?

Witch Doctor
They are pretty slow, expensive, and dire bats do more damage, I'm mainly just curious, b/c some people swear by them... Also, explosive frogs or spider queen?
Already another thread on zombie chargers. I'd go explosive frogs over spider queen in general.

I like the zombie charger because you don't need to channel him.

Acid cloud/Zombie/Fire bomb and everything goes away.
You don't really channel dire firebats either.

Maybe it changes at later levels with runes but at level 19 dire bats do more damage, have longer range and cost less mana.
I'm also interested to know more details about Zombie Changer. From my experience (still low level) Dire Bats deal more damage, cost less mana and also have a much longer range.

Maybe some rune later that makes Zombie Changer better?
From what I've seen, the Zombie Charger is a decent enough spell to use when you have that big group of enemies right in front of you and you want to get out now. I just summon the guy and backpedal while he hits and poisons the enemies in his path. (I have the ZC with the first rune).

Dire bats are just Bone Spear from D2, only even more ridiculous.
Well, currently I'm mowing over everything so using zombie chargers hasn't been a top priority. I just hit nightmare, so maybe I'll play with it.
Zombie Chargers hit hard though fire bats hit harder. They both eat a lot of mana. I think Fire Bats eat more mana as I tend to lose my whole mana a lot mid fight when I was using them. Last night, I was using Zombie chargers against The Butcher boss. My mana depletion with Zombie Chargers is not as bad as when I was with Fire Bats. I was able to bring down the Butcher in one try so I think Zombie Chargers are fine.

I cant really tell coz I am still low level... level 17. And I think my gear is better right now... the reason I dont lose a lot of mana with Zombie Chargers unlike before when my setup was with FireBats.

I love Zombie Chargers when a group of mobs clump together. They keep my dogs alive.
I like having the option for zombie charger if I decide to use grasp over dire bats, but they both have very similar uses.
I think it's personal preference, but I love charger (Im lvl 23). I always run up into the mobs anyways to cast Soul Harvest, so when everyone is stacked ontop of me, a couple chargers melts the entire group and it's alot easier on my mana than when I tried the similar with bats.

Also I use Firebomb as my primary, so I like having the option to use Poison or Fire damage depending on the mobs, some have more resistance to fire than others.
In my experience, the amount of mana invested in Bats for the damage you get isn't too great...whereas Charger is a one-time investment and with a 3-5 stack of Soul Harvest it will instantly shred most enemies.

This is just my experience though.
i love the animation but in my experience the (dire) fire bats are more powerful.
I'm loving zombie chargers. I initiate fights with Spirit Walk, grab five souls with Soul Harvest, cast one to two Locust Swarms, and let loose with firebombs and zombie chargers. With the Undeath rune, their high damage obliterates mobs and they just keep reanimating. It's hilarious.
Ok, I just discovered, spirit walk + soul harvest + slow circle and explosive frogs =D huge waves gone in a second! And yeah Dak, I can't wait to see the zombie undeath rune

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