Video card upgrade?

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I'm currently trying to run D3 on an old Acer Aspire AX3200-EF9100A and I'm getting serious framerate issues even on the lowest settings.

I'm not much of a tech expert, but I'm smart enough to know the video card and likely CPU I'm running are way below what I need to run this game at any kind of decent framerate.

Could anyone direct me to a low profile video card supported buy this game? I only have the funds to do minor upgrades for now. A new computer is out of the question.

If you need me to provide all the spec of my computer, you'll need to tell me how to do it. :/
gl on that man, there list of video cards to use to run this game is small but there list of video cards that cant support or can with poor performance is huge. i have a fairly new pc but yet my VC wont even allow me to start the game and i cant get any answers out of them as to what VC i need in order to play it.
or watch this video and learn my friend
Thanks. i think i'll go with the card for now. I'll check around my local computer stores and see if they have that card in stock. I'll probably need to upgrade my power supply, too. Hopefully that'll fit into my $100 budget.

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