error 39500?

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Just dc me from game. What is it?
Having the same damn problem. .-. Every like 10 mins or so, I get lagged, DC from my current game and get an error that reads: There was an error loading the game account. Please try again. (Error 3950000) <---- wtf.
i know how you feel it sucks i cant use my monk who is tank !@#
i know how you feel it sucks i cant use my monk who is tank !@#
Im getting the same thing, but i dont lag out i just DC from game and when i try to start a new game it comes up withg Error 395000
I just got the same error. Disconnecting ever 10-15 minutes. Restarted the game and it keeps happening.
I lost several Yellow items that were upgrades from my current gear. Numerous blue Items and had my dungeon reset after reaching the second level. Blizzard how can you leave the servers up if they are that unstable?
Same error here...
I got the same prob, DC after 15 min, over and over again. I thought they fixed the servers..
Glad I'm not the only one having this happen. Was kinda sweet seeing it happen right after I fought a certain Act 4 boss for a certain drop and he didn't give it to me and I found it put me back at the checkpoint, but I can't even get to him from the checkpoint before D/Cing now. :(
same problem.. playing fine then get disconnected and when i try to resume the game it says error 39500. was working fine before, game was working fine before dc, no issues with my internet connection. dunno what's wrong :(
error 3006 / 395000

*** ts: btw, it's 395000 (three zeroes)
problem still exist? god damn I just finished some stressful work from office, and now I can't even play for a bit?
Same problem, happened after about 1-3 minutes in game. ( Disconnect, followed by that error on relog ) Tried it about 5-10 times before calling it. Assuming the maintenance they did / may be about to do has screwed with it. *shrug* Off to work!
There have been accounts being hacked. I heard the servers were supposed to be offline for 8 hours to be patched and fixed etc. They were up after about an hour (instead of 8) so I'd say for at least the next 6 hours we will experience this problem.
I've tried both public and private games and get the issue with both, so game seems unplayable for more then a few minutes at the moment.. I wonder if a few minutes before a DC is better then waiting for 8 hours?
This game has been out for quite a while, and yet I am getting this error trying to play solo. What the heck is going on???
Freak !!!!!!!! GREEN right in front of me and this HAPPENED !!!!!!!! BLIZZARD DO SOMETHING !!!!!

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