gave up on wizard, cant kill anything

Look I felt the same way as you but don't quit just now. I am in Act 1 nightmare and one shotting pretty much everything. When I got to Belial, I had about 700hp and all my gear was pretty much +intelligence. Very inefficient as I came to later find out. Here are a couple of things I have changed since then:

1) I stopped sinking money into professions and crafting randomly generated gear. Instead I started buying good gear from the AH, always looking for the best deals.

2) I pretty much started equipping gear in every slot that had vitality and intelligence.

3) I realised that to have high dps you need to have a weapon with high dps because all your skills are based on weapon damage. So I got a weapon with high dps and whenever i could fit a gem with +damage into any slot I did.

4) I also realised that +attack speed anywhere is godly for your damage output.

Ever since then I have been tearing stuff up. Don't quit just now trust me. And oh a trick for Belial is to summon a Hydra. It kinda took his attention of me while I spammed my orb at him. I dunno if the trick works with followers. I wasn't utilizing them back then. But now I can't live without them, specially the scoundrel. I love gearing him up, relying on their special skills and listening to his jokes.


I'm A Lvl 32 wizard,now in Nm, I have no problem killing anything...My buddy's got a lvl 34 Barb who's pretty much just my tank cause he's useless...XD,jk,i don't use a follower btw..Ds is good to revive a dead friend!XDDDDDDDDD
get a high damage weapon.

no seriously. that solves your issues.
i was using the enchantress follower, i cant use diamond skin and teleport since they are under the same key. i don't have meteor yet, and my gear is completly broken with no money to fix it or buy better gear. i'm kind of screwed. ive had such a hard time even before i killed the skelton king in act 1. ive probably died 1000 times, mostly in act 2. took me about 30 tries to beat butcher and probably up to 50 tries on belial.!Xc!Z.aZaa
this is my build, helps kill the adds in P1 of the fight and for P2 just trying to run away and spam disintegrate and when i do get into P3 i try to find a corner to hide in but i cant find a dead spot to stand and spam disintegrate and he 1 shots me with his arms.

then again i've had no clue what im doing since i rolled the wizard except stacking intellegence gear.

LOL Try using templer. Show us your skill Hydra is one of the best boss spell for wizard. Just have your Templer tank, throw a hydra and run in a corner and blast a few spell then run for your life when he use poison pool. Grab the multiple hp pot that drops if you're running low. Intel+Attack Speed = way to go
On normal...? I killed Belial in under three minutes... Try getting some gear from the AH, im at lvl 27 with 810 dps havent died once as a wizard, died a few times on my monk on Belial but im finding the wizard to be quite easy, however I havent been to nightmare yet so we will see if that changes
If you're talking about normal mode I think you just need to practice kiting and make sure to use all the abilities available to you. Also you might want to switch out certain abilities for certain fights.

I'm a casual player and full cleared most areas on normal. I think I died a total of 6 times in Normal. I found Wizards to have great survivability.

Play smart, use the environmnt to your advantage.

If this was a troll, well played. :P
actually. its not bad. im on Hell Act 2...and only rares with fast moving or missile damper will be problematic...even then i do just fine...u still got electricute for damage.

missile damper is the coolest rare ability tho...those orbs flying in slow mode and ull see 10 of them flying together! =D
wizard has diamond skin, mirror image,u need good timing to use both of them so u can absord large amount of damage
How the hell do you struggle in normal mode. It's so easy.. a little kid can beat it. And if your on nightmare. That would be more challenging, but it's still not that tough. I believe normal mode is easy and nightmare mode is normal mode. I think you would be more suited to be a barbarian if you want to tank.

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