Higher DPS = lower damage

Demon Hunter
I have a 1H xbow equipped at 22.4 dps. I swap it with a 2H xbow at 23.5 and my total dps drops. Do 1H have a hidden speed boost?
Did it have any stats that adds dex / dmg / ias / whatever?
i remember reading somewhere that xbows add a 15% speed increase
The 1H has 2-4 lightning dmg and Hatred regen.
The 2H has 33 strength and 4% IAS.

I just thought, if it's anything like D2, the lightning dmg is not considered base dmg, and wouldn't be included in base calculations.

EDIT: Nope, that wasn't it. I just tested with a white 1H at same dps (22.4) but overall dps stayed the same, so it must be 1H vs 2H.

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