Champion foes on Nightmare

Witch Doctor
So basically I'm doing well. I'm level 39, fairly high on int+vit and with good damage. I'm not encountering any problems when it comes to enormous mobs, elite (or at least rarely) and bosses such as the Butcher, but now I'm at act II and everytime I run into a cluster of champions (often 3 at a time) I get my !@# kicked.

Often it's their vampiric/shield abilities that I can't really figure out what to do about. No matter how much I try to kite them, they will remain around 50 % HP and if I go in for the immense AoE attack they will deflect my attacks or just straight up slay me, unless I use spirit walk. If I use spirit walk they'll just get back to full health and I end up running around them for 15 minutes of time before I wipe trying to beat them.

Is it just me or is it a bit "weird" that a pretty common and theoretically fairly easy enemy can kick your $%^ again and again?
I'm getting more than frustrated by this and right now I must admit that my lust for gaming the WD has dropped quite a lot.

So do any of you have any good suggestions when it comes to a strategy or some other mean to getting past this hurdle?

Yours truly.
When I ran into trouble with Vampiric packs, I just switched to using Grasp, and made sure they didn't hit me. If they don't do damage, they don't heal. Also, use Poison Dart with splinters for good fast/cheap damage.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but what about my templar and garg then. Will they not steal life from them instead?
They steal hp from templar and garg. The problem is probably you aren't doing enough single target damage.

Don't try to AoE down the champion packs from start to finish, after a while, single target dps them down. You will need single target high damage spells.

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