D3 screen flicker,map load fail,response lag

Bug Report
i've been experiencing on several occasions though not too often times where while playing D3 my screen would slightly flicker white for a second or 2 especially near the edges and corners of my screen. has anyone else experienced such mild screen flickers while playing?

also there were times where the world map would fail to load and wouldnt let me go past the glitchy borders where on the other side of the border everything was white. has anyone else also experienced this? are these bugs fixable?

last but not least i also noticed some severe lag when my character is attacking an enemy where i press the attack button but nothing happens and i can run around freely and even near the enemy and the enemy stands there doing nothing and all the sudden after a good 15-20 sec everythings back to normal and at rare times this would last forever and i had to quit the game and re-enter.

if anyone experienced such issues let me know and if anybody knows how to fix them that would be great

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