Just getting into Nightmare....

Just reading a bit about monks in the forums, I've been using the heal (1) ability (forget name) but i see a lot of higher lvl builds using blinding light instead, just wondering why.

Also, is crippling wave > hundred fist when fighting many mobs?


Hundred fist > crippling wave during boss fights?
They use blinding light because they will just re-activate Healing Mantra during more tense healing segments. Also the heal spell (Breath of Heaven) loses its edge when you use the passive Transcendance and you're getting healed for all spirit that is used anyway. This means Blinding light is not only getting the mobs off of you, it also heals and does it's rune effect of your choice. If you haven't tried Transcendance I definitely suggest it.

Crippling wave is often considered better when fighting many mobs because it hits in a full 360 around you. Its range is extremely low even for melee, but it works to your favor because mobs tend to rap around you as they pile up. I personally prefer Fists of Thunder with lightning flash for the extra dodge chance, but when I do use Crippling Wave, I use it with concussion to free up resolve from my passives. Hundred fist tends to only hit whats infront of the character model in a 30 degree-ish angle during the 2nd and 3rd strikes.

For your last question depends on your strategy. Once again I use FoT with lightning Flash, but that's because I prefer to play hardcore which puts me in a more defensive bias. But if you're just going for highest DPS, Hundred Fist with - Fist of Fury is more or less the highest non-spirit eating damage you can do as it does an extra 10% wep damage as holy on top of the normal strikes.

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