Cold Blooded on Inferno and Off-Hand-Stats


i have hopefully two easy questions for you guys.

Does the passiv Cold-Blooded work on Inferno? 20 % more dmg is rather way better then a Glass Canon. I see the mobs gettin slowed but its kinda hard to figure out if it works or not :(

I use an offhand Magic Source with 28-206 DMG and 80 INT
Id like to get another one with more dmg out of the AH and I found one with the following stats:
56-128 DMG and 121 INT so which one is better?
Unfortunately there is no DMG tool tip on the AH ... so im lost if it is better or not?

Thanks for ur reply.
05/22/2012 10:24 AMPosted by Naruto
56-128 DMG and 121 INT so which one is better?

That will depend entirely on your total unbuffed damage from your MH and other gear (anything with +x-y damage) as well as your current int levels.

Rough guess, they will work out to be almost equal.
Current one is way better. Unless you have like zero int. With just 1000 int, your current one adds 275 weapon dmg. You would need a base weapon avg dmg of at least 500 (aka nearly unattainable) (mainhand plus this proposed offhand) for the 40 int to win.

Generally dmg is more important than int. Reason being you only have a few potential sources (rings ammy weapon offhand) and int can roll on anything you wear.

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