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I buy something, it never comes, took my gold tho. What is going on blizzard? Wouldn't care if it was some 10,000 gold purchase but I just spent 520,000 on a piece of inferno gear....

Anyone else having problems with the AH?
I'm going to go out on a limb here and you didn't go to the completed tab and send your item to stash.
If the transaction failed, you get the gold returned to you in the completed tab.
It doesn't automatically go back to your stash.

You have to send to stash, if it failed or succeeded.
I made it to inferno without knowing how to send stuff from the AH to my stash.... Really?

No it didn't give me my money back is just it, its just like its taking forever to process...It is just like a soda machine that takes your money and gives you nothing, it must have glitched or something.

So frustrating!
I had a 10 minute delay on buying an item and it showing up in my completed tab last night.
Yea I know. I bought something like 30 minutes ago, and then it came just now...

I say give it some time. Good luck.
This just happened to me...glad to see some others stuff showed up after time. Guess I won't bother with a ticket.
It finally came, only took 25 minutes. Thanks for the replies and to anyone who comes to this thread with the same issue, just wait, its Blizzard's AH servers failing again is all.
im at 35 mins in with no item yet...
ok...approaching 2 hours now...
I'm approaching 3 days. Any Ideas Why ?
I have no idea why you have this problem. All of my transactions in the AH are processed immediately.

Have you tried logging off and then logging back in? Maybe some low-tier troubleshooting could help.

Sorry you're having such a hard time, man.

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