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Witch Doctor
What would be for a WD the most important to least important stats in order?

I read a post that said you should use two-handed weapons over a ceremonial knife + off-hand doll because the weapon damage is greater and a lot of spells deal damage based on weapon. Is this true?
Yes, because skills are based on weapon damage. How much damage does a single hand do compared to a 2h. Did you ever notice your gargantuan/dogs/fetish have unchangeable attack speed, so when they do x% of weapon damage, which is goign to be high 1h or 2h?
Weapon damage and intelligence are the two most important, vitality is probably third, but you need a decent amount of it to be successful. Mana regeneration is important if you don't have Vision Quest, but it's debatable exactly how important it is. Life regeneration is necessary for pet builds (all pet builds should have the Fierce Loyalty passive).

As for the two handed weapon debate, it depends on the weapons you can find. Our damage over time spells are only affected by weapon damage and not weapon speed, whereas primary skills and spammable nukes (such as Acid Cloud) are affected by weapon speed. Another consideration is that if you are not using Vision Quest, it helps to have mana regeneration and you can only find that stat on voodoo masks, ceremonial daggers, and mojos. If you can find a good two handed weapon that does more damage than your ceremonial dagger + mojo combo and you don't need the mana regeneration, then by all means use it.
So, with that said; how does that relate to the "Damage:xxx" stat listed in your character sheet? I have yet to find a 2-h weapon that results in a higher "Damage:xxx" stat than the combination of a dagger and doll combo. Am I reading that stat wrong?
I'm not using zombie dogs because they are starting to die very fast. I am using a gargantuan. I may end up not using pets period. If that's the case should I then focus on knife + doll for attack speed = faster AoE spam? thanks for the feedback from both of you.
1. Weapon Damage
2. Int
3. Vit
4. AS / Mana Regen

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