I wanted to love this game, but I just can't.

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It's not even in the same league as Diablo 2. Everytime i log in to play, I simply don't have fun. I don't know what it is. On paper, this game should be awesome. However, I'm at the point where I have to force myself to play, and that's not the point of something that is supposed to be fun. I'm not going to claim I know what is wrong with the game, but I will say that something is. Something is wrong.
I have to admit I was dismayed when I saw the same exact set items from Diablo 2 on the AH. Only they were crappier. In diablo 2, a good item was A GOOD ITEM. Not so in Diablo 3. It's difficult to tell what is even an upgrade or not.
Pretty much everything FulMTLjacket said I agree with completely

Why do non rare 'white' items even exist if they have NO VALUE whatsoever , as far as I know you can't even craft them or add sockets so why do they exist? In d2 you could at least sell them for some money instead of 2 gold. The game is way too easy , I shouldn't have to beat it twice before I'm challenged. Act 4 felt rushed and too short (ill admit that this particular issue is my opinion and can understand if someone disagrees with that)

I enjoyed the game alright but in my strong opinion D3 is worse than D2 mostly because there are many MANY gameplay mechanics that make no sense in it , I suspect Torchlight 2 will fill that gap though.
I tried to tell ya that things were only going to be peachy on paper.

Are there cookie cutter builds? Yep. And they're all but mandatory on inferno. Now without even the illusion of choice.

Is there any leeway in stat allocation via gear? Nope, stack vit if you're not a Wiz or DH-- and they too will most likely be joining the ranks before too long.

A ridiculously low max level. There's no sense of variance between characters now, because they're all the same level using all the same skills using all the same items-- because for some reason, blues and rares are as good or better than legendaries.

Etc etc.

Where are the unique items?
Where is the awesome loot?
Where are the character builds?
Where is the leveling?

This pretty much. Good job taking the most important / addicting things away from diablo II.
"that isnt the direction we want to go with the game" should not be a valid response. They should give the customer what they want. Granted, you will never please everyone, however there seems to be a majority that thinks the itemization is vastly inferior to D2: LOD. They should emulate the itemization of that game.
Yup, 100% agreed. I force myself to play with my friends in hopes that the game will just miraculously "unsuck". After my exciting account hacking gets resolved (blizz said they would reroll my account, ill probably go from 54 alt wizard to 20 something) I am on a fast track to inferno within a day or two. The tricks I found to get alot of gold leave my gear pretty decent, what happens when I finish inferno and purchase decent gear after minimal farming? What do I do now? No need to collect legendaries cuz they pretty much blow.
I... I like the game...

Actually, I love the game...

Haters gonna hate?
I have to agree with... Everybody but this guy ---

05/22/2012 04:50 PMPosted by GUCCIMANE

05/22/2012 04:53 PMPosted by GUCCIMANE
This is whats wrong....

Where are the cool sets?
Where are the unique items?
Where is the awesome loot?
Where is the crafting?
Where are the character builds?
Where are the rare items with skill based bonuses?
Where are the rare items with unique attributes?
Where is the leveling?

Literally everything that kept people playing Diablo 2 is gone. Item farming bears no fruit, rares aren't rare. Legendries are trash. Bosses are cake walks. The level cap is easy to reach. Crafting is worthless. There are no class specific items to hunt for. The auction house ruins trading. There is no open chat room to loiter in. No player created custom games. The game sense and look overall reminds me of WoW not diablo....the list goes on.

This hits the nail on the head.

I dont think Blizzard realized it at the time, but The AH undermined their entire game.
Game is fun but severely lacking.
Above points really do have the majority of what I feel unfortunately .. we'll see.
It's been only a week I'll give it time.
+Battlenet 2.0 will hurt the longevity a lot

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