I know I'm only on Normal

...but compared to my Witch Doctor and Monk, I'm just LOVING the Barbarian! I've been gearing him very well for his level (only 17) but basically hitting a monster with my 2 hander feels a lot like hitting a ziplock bag full of marinara sauce with a baseball bat. On my WD (who was admittedly likely undefeated comparatively) I had to kite the bejeezus out of the Butcher. My Barb got in his face and pounded him into mucilege in about 7 seconds.

Yeah I understand this will all change in Hell mode but that's waaaay off for me. Barb is quickly becoming my favorite.
I agree, barb is one of the most fun to play in normal and nightmare...slows down in hell and Inferno it stops being fun once you hit act 2.

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