auction house failed

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i tried to buyout an item in auction house it says fail, yet it took my money. how do i fix this?
Same thing is seems the AH is lagging and bugging out.
ahh not good cuz item says sol din auction ye ti have no item or gold...
I have the same problem, I try to buy tome of jewelry sometimes it has took the money and refunded some of it, other times it times out then gives an error.

I did the same with with blacksmith tome and it worked fine, in the same login.
took 40k from me

10 minutes and still nothing in "completed"
same weapon. Minus 100K.
same i lost 40k at least.. tome of secrets screwed me
I have tried to buy more than several auctions where about 1/10 actually go through. It takes my gold then times out and says the item has been bought already or just doesn't go through. I have not got my gold back. They need to fix this. Why did they open the AH when it doesn't even work.
This happened to me 3times in row.

first time it refunded my money, next 2 times nothing happened. it took my money and i didn't get the item. been about 20mins now and nothing on the completed screen, no items in my stash BUT my gold is still gone.

EDIT: 30mins later refund. So i guess just wait it out fellas, annoying as hell but atleast you get your gold back.
agreed, i used buyout item was around 50-60k dont remember exact price just new i wanted it and HAD the gold for it. how did you get a refund?
I've been having issues with selling and buying. I keep putting up green Flawless geems and they keep saying error, my bag still has the item, but they show up on the for sale/auctions section of my AH.

I'm thinking its a bug in the AH its not putting it up yet it thinks it is putting it up. I can put up some screenshots if needed too.
idk what todo i dont want to farm all that money and i wanted the item. this is bull!@#$. says sold tell me it failed and took my gold. bottom like is %^-* auction house time to play solo n not worry about trading unless its a npc
plzzz fix this i lost 400k totall now and never got my items q.q
Same thing happened to me, but its 800k. Not too pleased with that one.
had the same issue seems like its a good time to avoid the auction house till they fix it.

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