How much dmg should Inferno Monks do?

My dmg feels "meh"

How much are you guys doing and how far have you reached?
tankweapon + shield is around 9,5k dps for me
dual wield monk weaps im around 20k dps
19k dps with daibo
5300 armor
450ish resists
partly through act 2
My dps is also atrocious. Having 0 luck with getting a good DPS weapon. If the mobs have extra hp affix I pretty much always hit enrage timers.

953 Dex
803 Vit
4163 Armour
5784 DPS
270 Resist all

My main weapon is only 470 dps
My stated dps is only 11k, but with crits and abilities it seems like I'm on par DPS wise with some DH's sporting 25-30k numbers on their char sheet.

Lvl 60, fist + shield

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