Torchlight 2 vs Diablo 3

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I'll play D3


Pretty much any other ARPG that comes out. You don't need to choose just one. TL2 is more cartoony than all of the other's including D3. If think otherwise, you're just fooling yourself.

Where's your god now??
Absolutely plan to buy TL2.
I agree that TL 1 was rather bland but the ''feel'' of the game was perfect.

I got into the TL 2 beta and i was shocked at how good it was. As some poeple pointed out here, the game has very distinct classes with very fun mechanics, loot is interesting, world is randomized (not just parts of it) Graphics are actually pretty good too but i'm the kind of person who places gameplay before looks.

and to top it off: offline single player, LAN, mod support, skill points, 8 players ? Having played the beta (which was far bigger than D3s beta) about 3 times (still have to try the outlander) to level 20 or so, i can honestly say I will play that with my gaming group when it comes out and I doubt I will be back. D3 is broken beyond repair
05/24/2012 04:48 AMPosted by KamoteChunks
nope i hate disneyland games :P

While i agree with this post i am more and more leaning into buying a 4 pack and giving myself and my friends a chance to try something that actually looks like it's combat is fun and isn't broken.
By all means, Diablo 3 isn't as good as people expected. A lot of "funs" has been thrown away, might because the server can't handle it, might be Blizzard's new Strategy of selling a "Legendary" game. What I'm going to do now is just wait for the D3 Expansion or any updates that actually changes the D3 machanics to make it funnier to play.

My experience now with D3 isn't totally disappointing, but I found really a bunch of things in D3 feels like bull!@#$.

Going to have some "fun" with Torch Light 2.

PS: D3 Beta is totally better. First D3 playthrough under normal is also not bad. But play a same storyline again and again with not much new elements in it is not worthy.

When blizzard add in some new item random effects like: Bola shot now will explode instantly or Hungering arrow now fires 3 arrows for every attack...

melee attackers takes xx damage everytime they attack...... yea, they hit me 10 times and im dead. And they usually have to hit me for 10,000 times to get themself killed.

What are you thinking Blizzard??? LOL Don't ever make your game worse..... We all believed your games are legendaries in the entire game industry but now you are just getting down and become more and more disappointing.
I don't quite understand what all the negative comments are regarding Diablo III. I understand the complaints about the lag, and hacking and all these things that are bound to happen in a new release... And the fact that there isn't really a single player offline mode upset me as well..But seriously complaining about repetition in Diablo III, and then going on to saying Blizzard's games are legendary when it is obvious you haven't played Diablo I & II with that statement.

Personally, as someone who HAS actually played all the Diablo games, I find Diablo III to be extremely interesting in the way it elaborates on characters in the Diablo universe. And yes, there is repetition, but this is the same as Diablo II...You played through 5 acts, then went on to nightmare, and hell difficulties. If you actually played Diablo II, then you should have expected this same thing. I'm actually grateful that they didn't end up making Diablo III into some WoW clone, which honestly as much as people would like to say it is...It's not. There are many differences, primarily the fact that you have your own game, and you don't run into 50 million people while exploring your world.
The only difference I've managed to find so far with Diablo II and III are the inability to set skills and stats, and...Well the way you join a multiplayer game, and the lack of a single player. I also miss the hours of grinding after each difficulty, SO MUCH REPETITION, which you all seem to hate anyways, but was an integral part in playing Diablo II. I think most of you kids that are completely disappointed in Diablo III, don't really know what Diablo I and II were like. Which saddens me.

If you bought Diablo III because you just loved WoW and thought it would be such a great game because blizzard made WoW... Then yea, you're bound to be disappointed. I'm just saddened that so many things were changed to cater to WoW folk, but even this does not discourage me from playing and consequently turning to another game. If I wanted to play a WoW clone, I'd just play WoW.

I wanted Diablo III, I expected there to be flaws because no game is perfect, and I was not utterly disappointed with what Blizzard made.
The first Torchlight was a good game, it was fun, but it didn't have the story development or variety D3 has. If you don't mind spending all your time playing in a dungeon that barely changes then you will like the game. I know the sequels suppose to have more variety but you get what you pay for, and it's a $20 game. And the first one definitely felt like a $20 game. Modding for it was alright, nothing really made me want to play even more than i already did. It was nice to change my appearance and change my UI though.
If Inferno isn't fixed by Torchlight's 2 release? Yes, I'm going to play it.
Had the TL2 beta, loved it to death. Randomisation and atmosphere was even better than in D3 and it was fun and fast paced. Can't wait to play!
I suspect that TL2 might be massively better in that I will spend more time looking at the game that the bulletin boards wondering why the *** I cannot play THIS time.
I pre ordered just off the dissapointment of D3... and was surprised with a free copy of TL1. Been playing that ever since and that game alone already blows D3 out of the water. The only thing I really wish TL had was the Diablo lore... too bad Activision killed it.
The remnants of Blizzard North are making TL2 and they made the GOOD diablo games so yes I would like a diablo type game that didn't suck and I will be playing it
Well i plan on playing it with my boyfriend since he doesn't want to spend so much money on diablo. But i still plan on playing both because my brothers really love diablo and i enjoy playing with them.
I will not unless, like Diablo3, it randomly impresses me.

This Diablo feels more like Dungeon Seige than older Diablo titles. I greatly disliked Diablo2, so was surprised when I found I enjoyed Diablo3. TL1 bored me in just 10 minutes, so we shall see with TL2. I do know the art style is absolutely abhorrent on the first one, but graphics are secondary to gameplay.
05/24/2012 05:14 AMPosted by PhazeDelta1
If I wanted to play a cartoony PoS game, I'd go buy Rift.

lol rift isnt cartoony at all
05/30/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Kabraxal
I pre ordered just off the dissapointment of D3... and was surprised with a free copy of TL1. Been playing that ever since and that game alone already blows D3 out of the water. The only thing I really wish TL had was the Diablo lore...

I'm actually surprised Runic Games didn't go for a similar lore instead of just ripping off WoW.
05/24/2012 05:51 AMPosted by backto1983
I´m above 12 so... no.

You're probably under 15 if you're worried about the art style. Honestly, if you're THAT worried about the art style, why do you play Diablo 3? They took away all the grittiness of the first two.
05/30/2012 02:20 PMPosted by Kabraxal
I pre ordered just off the dissapointment of D3... and was surprised with a free copy of TL1. Been playing that ever since and that game alone already blows D3 out of the water. The only thing I really wish TL had was the Diablo lore... too bad Activision killed it.

I did the same exact thing and feel the same exact way.

I just became way too bored with D3. I understand that's just my opinion and people love this game. I just don't.

Really, it's the loot that killed it for me. It's boring, doesn't drop, and is obviously geared towards the auction house (the only reason why I'm confident in this, is the fact that my brother and I both stated that this COULD happen before game release. Because the drops are as bad, and as boring, as they are it has to mean it's because of the AH).

I found out about TL2 on the forums, discovered I'd get it and TL1 for $20 bucks off Steam and I downloaded it.

Honestly, Activision is a terrible company. Blizzard was not. I was hoping Blizzard would turn Activision around, however it seems that the opposite was true.

I will no longer be purchasing any other Blizzard title.

Why do I post this on a forum? Mainly because in the video game industry, I can't go back to the store where I purchased a game from and say "This is crap, take it back". So, we go to the forums and hope that the company can hear our dislike of the product.

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