Open Diablo 3 Launcher than not work D:

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Well I finished downloading the game. And I just bought a brand new graphics card to replace my old one. I had made sure it was one of the ones supported and unfortunately when I went to open it, the launcher came up and let me launch the game no problem. Than the Diablo 3 head appears and than disappears again only to reveal my desktop! :D No I want that darn game on lol. When i open task manager it shows itself that it is a process that is running, but not an application that is being ran, aka its not on my screen in a window or letting me play the game in General. Please Help!!!!111!!!!! extra ones for people that can help
Same probleme here after i format ... now im seeking answer!

Can you post some information about your computer? You can find this information in the Direct X Diagnostic Tool:

Click on Start
Click on Run
Type in: dxdiag (In Vista, type dxdiag in the search field)
Hit Enter or OK

Click on the Save All Information button at the bottom, and create a dxdiag text file, and copy and paste it ALL here.

Could you also post your D3Prefs.txt file? It's located in the My Documents\Diablo III folder.

In the future, please start a new thread of your own. We'd rather not have you dig up an old post like this from several months ago.

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