Monk questions

What abilities do you use to pump out damage?

My build is this!bYc!ZabaaZ

I survive great. Nothing can kill me. Ever. BUT I don't do that great of damage. However, when I look at all the other damage abilities they just don't seem that great.

Wave of Light costs way too much spirit for the damage it does as well as having an annoying knockback attached to it

Sweeping Wind costs too much and is too hard to build up/keep going while doing pitiful damage

Lashing Tail Kick is annoying, again, because why would a melee class want to knock things back?... sure it's useful if you can corner things because you can stunlock them so long as you have spirit but other than that it just makes me run after stuff and is useless against ranged fighters.

Exploding Palm is a DoT and I hate DoTs

and finally Seven Sided Strike is amazing, but it has a 30 second CD. (Furthermore why doesn't Sustained Attack reduce the CD TO 7 seconds and not BY 7 seconds?)

Are the only good reliable damage moves the spirit generators? Are there no good spirit spenders that deal good damage? Am I missing something really obvious?

One last question. Does the Concussion Rune on Crippling Wave stack with the Resolve passive to reduce their damage output by ~45%?
I myself am in Nightmare as a monk. I have 11k health and about 900dmg.
I use serentiy with peaceful repose (heals with immunity) sweeping wind with firestorm, seems to be the best constant aoe, air ally, and then it's a 50/50 between mantra of ret or evasion.

My main mouse click are crippling wave with the highest rune settings. and lashing tail kick.
All in all it's a pretty steady build. I don't die too often but i DO agree that monks seem supremely damageless.
05/24/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Flawless
These builds wont work in inferno, so don't get too attached to them

Nothing works in Inferno and I never plan on going into Inferno because melee is useless.
05/24/2012 10:22 PMPosted by Suridan
I don't die too often but i DO agree that monks seem supremely damageless.

They really need a good spirit damage dump that doesn't knock everything away...
IDK, I just got to hell lvl 50 now. It's still pretty !@#$%y. I don't plan on inferno either... I feel as if you'd have to go in with either an army of monks to heal and use all mantras,
cause it seems only demon hunters and mages are really in hell or inferno for the public games.
and even then they die as glass cannons.

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