Co-op Progress not saving correctly

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Twice now I have joined a public game, and beaten Act 1 on NM (my achievements prove this), yet whenever I log back in, I can only choose public games from Act 1, Quest 7, which starts back at the beginning of the spider caves. For some reason, I cannot get the game to save my progress past this. I was not solo, as I had several other players in my game. I even went so far as to go past several checkpoints on Act 2, yet when I log off and on, I have to start back at Act 1, Quest 7. This is Very Frustrating as now I have to go through it all a third time, just hoping that this time it saves correctly.
Diablo 3 has a big problem with save files.

I lost my save files too. I reached act 2, killed Magda etc etc but after a server crashed, I logged back in and found myself in act 1 with a naked level 2 barbarian.... where's the rest of my progress? According to blizzard, I have not been hacked (so it's not "MY" fault)... the problem is definitely a server issue.

Funny enough, all my cinematics are still saved... How can I have unlocked the 2nd act cinematics if I'm level 2 in act 1?

It really starts to piss me off.

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