List of Life-on-Hit for Wizards

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awesome post
Getting this put on the front page where it belongs
sticky pls
Why haven't they stickied this yet?
I'm going to use this data to do a Wizard Spell LoH vs Lifesteal Breakeven analysis. Working on the data right now.
Has the spell coefficient for Magic Weapon: Venom been posted yet? It's not in the OP.
Bump why isnt thing a sticky yet
This is an amazing post. Switched back to Deep Cuts rather than Thrown Blade, I had no idea! Thanks!
When I see the "Wicked Wind" builds flourishing around, I'm starting to ponder whether the listed coeffs are right or not.
Maybe they changed in the latest patch. Or it's just the fact that you can stack tornadoes that makes them OP.
Thing is, with a 50% chance to crit, and 10% coeff., using 3 tornadoes, one would get the following chance to get a CD reduction each tick :

50%x10% = 5% chance per tick to have the crit grant -1 sec CD.
= 14.6% chance per tick to proc critical mass with 3 tornadoes on a single target, eg, 1 CM proc every 8 ticks of 3 tornadoes hitting a single target or so > Far from what we're getting (More like 1 CM proc per second in the same scenario)

Also got the same disbelief by looking at how much life I'm gaining from this skill with just 600-650 LoH.

Edit.: Also, they should really look at improving / revamping some of the skills coefficients, some of them do not make sense, I.E. :

-Deep Cuts: 88.8% per target per triple hit, bleed generates no healing.
-Impactful Blade: 66.6% per target per triple hit.
-Siphoning Blade: 66.6% per target per triple hit.
-Healing Blades: 66.6% per target per triple hit.
-Thrown Blade: 33.3% per target per triple hit.

All of them should either be at 66.6%, or 88.8% (I guess the 88.8 is due to the "Apply bleed" effect granting +22.2% per hit)
Thrown Blade should get a better coeff, too. By extending the size of the AoE, you nerf down it's value way too much (it's coeff should be something like 50% or so... not 33%)

I imagine spell coefficients is something they will be tweaking somewhat in 1.0.4 and then probably further in 1.1 as the balance becomes more obvious. No doubt their testing didn't get quite as far into the metagame as the community currently is. That said, the discussion in this thread seems to indicate that twister was a 10% coefficient, but was bumped up to more like 50% some time in the past week or 2, which is around the time when the twister+CM builds started appearing. Considering they haven't published exact coefficients yet, it's no big surprise the change wasn't noted in patch notes or a hotfix.

I am curious how they will handle it, though, and i wouldn't be surprised if they were happy to leave some spell coefficients a little higher than others, and let the mathy players reap the rewards, so to speak. Twister especially does make sense, because the damage is so low - though they may end up buffing that, i suppose.

Time will tell.
Excellent thread, thank you for the info.

Also very curious about the Magic Weapon Runes. Guess I'll have to try it myself ;)

sticky requested
Excellent data to know. I am glad to know that hydra has been a bad decision for LoH gains. I will maybe swap with blizz in the tougher spots.
I'm not a number cruncher, but it didn't seem that Magic Weapon with venom was helping. In the past I have had paralysis proc off of the electricity rune, so I assume that one works with LoH.
07/02/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Elaserdar
I'm not a number cruncher, but it didn't seem that Magic Weapon with venom was helping. In the past I have had paralysis proc off of the electricity rune, so I assume that one works with LoH.

I have never had it work. At least, not that I could distinguish.

If any of the values have changed since the patch, I'd be glad to put in the new ones, I just don't have the time to retest them all myself.
Does anyone have the new crit stats for energy twister? It's much higher than what is listed.
+1, Thanks!
Great thread, thanks
Great job, buddy. This well deserves to be sticky - requested:)
I have searched and searched, to no avail. Would anyone here know which spells crit the most?
It seems everyone has been talking about the wicked winds and in the past living lightning.
Try and explain it in non rocket science terms for the more non mathematical peeps? Thanks a bunch in adv!

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