Duplicate NPS at alot of locations. Spoilers!

Bug Report
Hi - Some Spoilers here - so don't read if you've not finished the game.

Run into several places where you can meet the same NPC more than once in the same area.

1. Mayor Holus in Tristram can appear in the road blocking the path and down abit next to the female villager, he can also spawn twice standing in the same place causing a wierd graphical effect.
To reproduce - load a game in Tristram with the Mayor blocking the road, start a new character and go to the same spot.

2. Blacksmith Haedrig - if you visit Tristram before doing Leoric's crown mission, Haedrig can be found standing near the cellar entrance and at the Blacksmith forge as well. He is not at the forge when first starting Leoric's crown mission though which is correct.
To reproduce - Visit Tristram before just before Leoric's crown mission, must have finished the game first.

3. Zoltan Kulle - Zoltan Kulles head can appear twice on the follower bar, not sure how to reproduce this one though.

4. Tyrael - On the Prime Evil (pinnacle of heaven) I can get two Tyrael's spawn in the same place when I talk to him causing the same wierd graphical effect as Mayor Holus.
To reproduce - Allow Tyrael to finish his speech then talk to him again to cause a second Tyrael to spawn in nearly the same space.

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