Witch Doctor Dire Bats Bug?

Bug Report
So Dire Bats is listed as 220% weapon damage.

Arcane Orb with Obliteration Rune does 228%.

However it seems like Dire Bats is doing twice the listed amount as damage.

From the tests done:

2427.5 DPS Dire Bats is doing roughly 4.3k - 5k

2435.1 DPS Arcane Orb with Obliteration Rune deals 2k - 2.6k

I know it may not be a 100% test but there is something wrong with the damage values listed and I also have no clue whether or not it is intended or there is something else going on. Or maybe the skill is just supposed to do that much damage.

Mind you, with Soul Harvest 5 stacks, Dire Bats hits for about 8k-9k.
Bump...Witch Doctors making Nightmare/Hell a joke.
I guess it's intended?

Don't mind if I one shot mobs in Nightmare/Hell and possibly Inferno. This should be fun.

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