Error 3007 followed by 3003

Bug Report
I had just found the blacksmith's apprentice and was going to head back to town. I tried to use T for town portal, though I have no scrolls or anything to use that ability. the game crashed out to the login screen with an error 3007. It now won't let me log in with an error 3003.
I've been getting the same thing for the last 10 minutes!
same here
same here, logged to toon screen to change my banner, cant change that either, time out errors and 3003's
same here
Same here...3007 and booted off then when trying to log back in 3003
Servers are down it seems.
yup cant change quest use auction house change toon's join a game now cant log on
Along with every other post like this.

Its down to help improve it; posting more than one topic about is pointless.

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