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Hello everyone,

So like everyone else I picked up Diablo 3 today and have immensely enjoyed it. Ihave never played a Diablo game in my life and I regret not trying them sooner. Like many of you as well I've been plagued with server downtime and just downright inability to play. During the install of my game and in between server uptime I have been reading the "Quick Start Guide" provided with the standard edition of the game. I found the character back stories to be particularly enjoyable to read. Maybe it's the writing style or simple because this is my first try at fantasy fiction, I'd love to read more. So my question to all of you is:
Are the books written in the same caliber? Is putting money towards the Diablo books a good idea? Many amazon reviews claim that they are only for hardcore fans of the series, which is obviously off putting to me. is there a recommended book to start with or am I putting myself at a disadvantage by not starting from book one? My background knowledge of the Diablo universe is very limited, so take that into consideration.

I'd love to hear some input on what I'm getting myself into, or if it's worth getting myself into at all. Thanks!
The Order is the most recent book and delves into the world prior to Diablo 3.

The Sin War trilogy you should start from book 1.

The 3 older ones can be read in any order I think.
what are all of the books out there today for diablo. I would much like to read all of them. if any one can help please let me know. thank you.
I've been wanting to get into the books as well. I just did quick google and this is what I got. Doesn't really give a clear order, but as the above poster stated, it looks like books out side the obvious groups can be read in any order.
I have heard that the diablo book series is quite nice.

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